13.5 poems about drink and drinking


Drunk With A Pen started out as a book. It then evolved into a set of performance poems. It has since gone on to become a 4-star solo rated Fringe show.

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Praise for Drunk With A Pen:

Joseph J. Clark’s ‘pub crawl of poems’ analogy was indeed what he set out for it to be; a simultaneous condemnation and celebration of the effects of drinking, starting pleasantly, getting a bit weepy in the middle and ending up joyfully singing to a lamp post.
-Voice Mag (2018)
Clark commands attention from the get-go... an eloquent, talented performer and orator with some of his work demanding dynamic, linguistic gymnastics at times verging on rapping.
-Broadway Baby (2018)
This is performance poetry at its most accessible and is a bit like being in the pub with a more interesting raconteur then you can usually rustle up.
- Broadway Baby (2017)