New Website!

Well, it's not every day one gets a new website. So I guess that's something I ought to be talking about.

First of all - welcome aboard! I hope you like it. I imagine a lot will change between now and forever but hey, this isn't a bad start, huh?

As well as being a writer, poet, performer and promoter - I'm also a web developer. Guess which one of these hats is the most lucrative? Anyway - that put me in a fairly interesting position when it comes to creating my own site.

Do I take advantage of my skills and expertise by hand making my own website on the cheap, simultaneously creating a fully tailored and visual striking website, stretching new development skills, and creating a public portfolio piece for future reference?

Lol, no. Who's got time for that?

No, I've taken the quick and cheap option. So thanks to Squarespace for letting me gaffer tape this mother together in just a couple of days.

So, what's the website for? Well, it's primarily a point of contact for the internet. A stretch away from the Drunk With A Pen Facebook page and a gateway into Joseph J Clark, The Writer Guy. I've always had community pages and profiles and portfolios scattered around this internet - but it's taken this hungover Sunday to start getting the ball rolling on a more permanent and professional online home.