A Bit About Joseph J Clark


Joseph J Clark is a writer, performance poet and occasional promoter based in Cambridge, UK.

He is the author of Drunk With A Pen: a collection of 13.5 (and growing) poems about drink and drinking. He has performed at Brighton Fringe (2018), Hove Grown (2017) and Cambridge Folk Festival (2018). This has all been a bit of a shock to everyone concerned.

He has written scripts for several video games: most notably, and currently available from all good digital retailers, are Epistory - Typing Chronicles (2016), Algo Bot (2018), Learn 2 Fly and Remembear.

He has also written for several unreleased projects and game jams: including Mighty Tactical Shooter, Bleat the Wolf, Capitalist Extension Card, and Zoo Base.

He has ghostwritten a series of novellas on Amazon. No, he won't tell you what they are.

He is also a keen writer of short stories. Keep an eye out for a published collection anytime before the inevitable heat death of the universe.

Joseph was born in Coventry, forged in Brighton, and is currently based in Cambridge.

Contact Email

josephjclark at gmail.com


Website Credits

This website was built by Joseph, using Squarespace. Apologies about the shoddy bits.

Photos mostly come from Mike South Photography and Creations. Mike's great, go check out his work.